Be respectful of everyone.
Everyone is working their hardest and deserves support and friendship.
Treat each other well. Do not bully or be unkind to others because they are different from you in any way
Always try your hardest. Do your best for yourself, not for other people and be proud of everything you achieve.
Do not harm anyone else intentionally either with your words or your actions.
Dress appropriately.
Explain absences.
Join in.
Talk to us about anything that worries you, help us to help keep you safe.


Be respectful of others/ teachers.
Be supportive of all our pupils, do not encourage unhealthy competition, and do not ridicule any child for their efforts or for their differences.
Enable your child to do their best for themselves, support them with attendance, uniform and taking part.
Talk to staff, ask questions, tell us what is important to you and discuss any concerns to help us, as staff, to do the best for your child.
Support staff to enable them to do the best.


Encourage all pupils to do their best.
Make sure that the time they spend with us is fun.
Make sure pupils learn something new or improve on something every session.
Allow children and young people the opportunity to express their views and join in on decision making.
Give children and young people a full and enjoyable experience of the dance world.
Respect diversity and equal opportunity.
Keep up to date with training skills and legislation.
Demonstrate openly that we support our young people and will keep them safe from harm for example bullying.